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G4 LED Light Cool White

G4 LED Light Cool White
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Model: G4 LED Light Cool White

Low power G4 halogen replacement LED light producing similar brightness but a cool white colour sometimes preferred for kitchen areas or other specialised lighting.


  • 10 SMD 5050 3 element LEDs (a total of 30 LED elements) giving it amazing brightness for its size.
  • The built-in bridge rectifier means that polarity isn't an issue and the constant current circuit gives a steady light output over a voltage range of 10 to 30V DC (also means it's not dimmable).
  • Lasts around 20 times longer than a halogen bulb and uses only 2.2 Watts of power.


  • G4 base disc type with side pins
  • Light output is 165 Lumens
  • Light colour is cool white (6500K)
  • Light spread is 120 degrees
  • Diameter is 30mm
  • Pin length is 6mm and pin gap is 4mm
  • Depth is 9mm (inc. LED chips on top and components beneath)
  • Voltage range is 10 to 30V DC
  • Power consumption is 2.2 Watts

*  Please check the specifications above to ensure that this LED light is suitable for your application before purchasing.

G4 LED Light Cool White
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G4 LED Light Cool White
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